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"Classic Paul" is a pseudonym for a younger Paul Ramsdell Seymour. We wish to invite you to join our Patreon Membership and "keep the hits a rollin back!".

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Classic Paul in the 1990's

Classic Paul playing the Fleugelhorn As the 1990's opened, Paul continued composing new music as well as producing some radio jingles for businesses in the Buffalo area. Paul gradually began cutting down on club work as the new millenium approached and semi-retiring from performing live in 1998. Enjoy this favorite from the 90's called "Bittersweet Love" from the soon to be digitally released album "Loves Me Loves Me Not". Then stay tuned for the sequel called "Bitterweet Life" from 21st Century Paaul on the upcoming Musical Novel, "Soliloquy", coming in the 21st Century.
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"Bittersweet Love"





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