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"Classic Paul" is a pseudonym for a younger Paul Ramsdell Seymour. We wish to invite you to join our Patreon Membership and "keep the hits a rollin back!".

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Classic Paul

Classic Paul How can someone be considered "Classic", when they may not have been discovered yet? The music of Classic Paul will provide all the answers you need. Music to touch the young at heart ... and the heart of those experiencing love and all it's ups and downs... and for those in love with life, inspite of all the negativity in the world. All the songs you hear, will be as fresh as when they were new. They will be new again ... to Everyone!"
Classic Paul Originally from the Buffalo, NY area , Paul performed in night clubs all over the Western New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Canada. Known as "Paul, the One Man Ensemble" in the late 70's, to simply "Paul" through the 80's and 90's. Featured music from the Big Band era to the latest Top 40 hits, Paul always introduced original music that became favorites where ever he played. Throughout the night club career, the main focus was on composing and writing new songs then finishing them off with studio time.





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